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Sperm Analyzer

CASA Sperm Analyzer


computer assisted semen analysis(CASA) Apparatus Introduction

Intelligent product used in modern reproductive medicine with the combination of computer image processing technology and advanced artificial intelligence technology. It can be used for automatic identification of sperm and automatic tracking of sperm movement fast, finish the analysis for a number of parameters in conformity with the WHO international standards and take comprehensive quantitative analysis of sperm activity and static characteristics. It is suitable for clinical semen test, providing an important scientific basis for male fertility.

CASA Semen Analysis Analyzer

ASCEN5 Automatic Sperm Analyzer Main Features:

1.    International WHO 5th Software

2.    Simple and guided operation, quickly get started.

3.    There is no limit to the number of visual field groups that can be collected.

4.    The trajectory detection uses a single-view full-image synchronization processing analysis algorithm with precise trajectory.

5.    More than 30 sperm parameters such as sperm density, sperm motility, sperm motility trajectory, sperm motility map, total number of spermatozoa were tested and analyzed. Morphological analysis was performed with various detection parameters.

6.    The software can quickly, accurately and objectively detect various parameters of the dynamic (static) state of sperm, such as the speed and density of sperm, and display in the form of motion trajectories. The sperm viability and viability grading are shown as histograms and percentages.

7.    Complete test items cover the vast majority of semen analysis projects, including semenological traits, dynamic analysis of sperm microscopy, morphological analysis, sperm function tests, and chemical analysis,etc.

8.    The sperm dynamics analysis project complies with the computer industry CASA standard in the international industry on the basis of WHO standardization. The activity level is divided into PR, NP, and IM levels, and all relevant parameters of the standard can be analyzed.

9.    On the basis of WHO's standardization, the sperm morphology analysis module subdivides various types of deformity and deformity rate, and detects a number of morphological indicators.

10.  The software has an automatic morphological analysis function, which automatically calculates the Teratozomia Index (TZI) and sperm deformity index (SDI), as well as statistical functions of various abnormal distributions.

11.  Sperm trajectory can be tracked and color trace curve can be depicted to export. The trajectory line color can be set freely, which can count the sperm and display the sequential digital annotations.

12.  Sperm density detection range is so wide that the sample does not need to be diluted.

13.  Can filter out all kinds of impurities which are different from sperm to ensure the test accuracy.

14.  Scatheless test sample can ensure the sperm’s natural motion state and monolayer sampling.

15.  Numeric identification of sperm images is automatically assigned numbers. Individual sperms are numbered independently and the trajectory curve color is optional. Accurate tracking and recognition of the trajectory can be performed to obtain more precise motion parameters and statistical parameters, which greatly improves the accuracy.

16.  It supports the unified audit function after the collection of multiple specimens is completed, effectively improving the doctor's working efficiency.

17.  It supports playback of audit image functions, effectively avoiding missed detection errors.

18.  Report can be flexibly set according to your needs。

19.  It supports hospital network server sharing and can be sent to network ports such as LIS/HIS.

20.  The powerful computer can quickly store a variety of medical records and images, and can be called up to view and print at any time.

21.  query function supports flexible statistics of data for each department/doctor segment specimen.

22.  The test results support self-editing adjustments.

23.  Support Consumables.

24. Microscope /Phase contrast microscope

China CASA Semen Analysis ASCEN5 Main function:

Curvilinear motion, linear motion, the average path;
Sperm velocity classification statistics to live before a Class A rapid rate, slow to live before the b-class rate, c-class movement rate to non-pre-, d-level slow;
The main test items: other component of animal sperm, mixing abnormal sperm count, abnormal sperm count, abnormal sperm, sperm appearance;
Allowable number of sample collection (a) 1-2000 (or more), the detection rate range (um / s) 0-200;
Capture several images (frames) 0-75, resolution particle diameter (um) 1-10;

Analysis of the acquisition time (sec) 1-5 or more (the size of the computer memory), the number of groups of image acquisition (group) 100.

Sperm Vitality (Motility) analysis:

Analysis can save images to facilitate the future; sperm can quickly generate accurate illustrations,
precise analysis of kinetic parameters of the trajectory of a single sperm and sperm motility;
VAP: average rate;
VCL: track speed;
VSL: straight rate
ALH: Head swing frequency;
BCF: Flogging frequency;
LIN: linear (VSL / VCL);
STR: straight Index;
WOB: Vibration Index.

Sperm Concentration analysis:

According to WHO standard, it can be detect sperm concentration automatically, quickly and accurately;
Sperm per milliliter concentration and overall density (M / ML);
Total static number of sperm (Type D);
Forward movement of sperm count (Type A + B);
The total number of sperm movement (Type A + B + C);


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